Brushy Top: What Can You Do With Acres of Land?


Have you ever thought about what you would do if you owned a few acres of land or more? Purchasing acres of land is a big decision, but a very rewarding one if you know how to make the best use of the land you buy. The Ranches of Brushy Top can help you decide what you can do with your land.

Acres of Land: Living Ideas
Of course, one of the go-to scenarios is to build a custom home. Owning acres of land, Acres of Landdepending on where it is and whether or not it’s developed, opens up a wide variety of possibilities for building a home. Things to consider include how big it will be and how many rooms it will have, and which direction it should face to use energy more efficiently. But once you’ve made those decisions, what will you do with the land?

One option is to build a barn and keep livestock. Depending on your acreage, you can have a small chicken coop or a small pig farm, or you could have cattle and horses grazing, if your landowner’s association allows for it.  Animals are of great benefit to the land; grazing animals, for instance, as long as they have plenty of grass to eat, will save you in landscaping and lawn maintenance. Meanwhile, birds such as chickens and ducks eat many types of damaging insects, which would help with pest control.

Another option is to expand your living quarters by adding a guesthouse or apartment to your property. This would make a great getaway spot for family and friends, and a cozy place for them to stay when they visit. You could add beautiful landscaping, areas for entertaining and gathering, and even a few canopies to add to the ambiance.

If sustainable living is one of your goals, buying land would be a perfect option. Planting a variety of greens, gardens, trees, flower or fruit patches can greatly enhance the look and feel of your acreage. In addition, open spaces are ideal for harvesting solar energy, which would help you save on the cost of utilities.

Ranches of Brushy Top: Acres of Land You’ll Love
Whether you’re contemplating building your dream home now, or buying land so you can build later, there are a number of things you can do with acres of land in the Texas Hill Country. When you buy land at the Ranches of Brushy Top, you will be surrounded by majestic views. The Ranches of Brushy top offers privacy, truly green living, and access to incredible Hill Country scenery. If you’re considering buying land in Texas, the Ranches of Brushy Top is a great place to start. Learn more by visiting the Ranches of Brushy Top website, and join our communities on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter today.

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