Holiday Day Trips| Juniper Hills Farm & Onion Creek Kitchens in the Hill Country

Hill Country

The Ranches of Brushy Top talks about Juniper Hills Farm and Onion Creek Kitchens, the perfect spot for getaways or corporate events in the Hill Country.

The allure of the Texas Hill Country mesmerizes residents and visitors alike with opportunities to breathe fresh air, take in great sights and relax in the tranquil surroundings of nature. By visiting Onion Creek Kitchens at Juniper Hills Farm, you and your loved ones can experience all of those things and much more. Offering everything from cooking classes to yoga sessions, Juniper Hills Farm goes beyond the surface to bring you true, meaningful relaxation in the Hill Country.

Life in the Farm

Deep in the rolling hills of Southeast Austin, Travis “Sibby” Barrett has transformed her Juniper Hills ranch home into a wonderful retreat, with Hill Country pastimes that make for the perfect life on the farm. Here’s a bit of background information about Sibby:

  • A journalism student in college, Sibby discovered her culinary talents shortly after she transitioned from florist to party planner with a focus on baking for special events. Today, Sibby maintains her love of cooking with the highlight of a Juniper Hills Farm retreat: A cooking class curriculum at her Onion Creek Kitchens, an on-site facility where you can learn everything from how to cook Italian to bread baking.
  • Cooking is not the only thing that separates Juniper Hills Farm from other retreat areas. Clearly, being in the Hill Country is a unique experience in and of itself; but daily yoga sessions elevate this weekend or weekday retreat into a haven of relaxation. Learn to breathe, stretch and become one with your body as you enjoy yoga classes led by experienced teachers. Classes are donation-based, so you pay what you can. Everyone is welcome, and those who are staying in the farm’s on-site cabins are especially encouraged to participate.
  • Speaking of the on-site cabins, visitors have a choice of three quaint and beautiful cabins, each with excellent amenities and comfortable beds. Enjoy a night in of television, read a book from the mini-library or enjoy the gorgeous views of Hill Country from the comfort of your cabin. At Juniper Hills Farm, you can truly get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Indulge in experiences that will immerse your body, mind and soul into a stress-free, restful getaway. Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your room, go hiking through miles of surrounding Hill Country landscapes, and make new friends for life as you take in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Hill Country through the Juniper Hills Farm & Onion Creek Kitchens.

Romantic Holiday Getaway or Holiday Corporate Retreat

Whether you’re a couple in need of some reconnection or a corporation in need of a morale booster, Juniper Hills Farm is the place for you. Surrounded by miles of beautiful trees, rolling creeks, and blue sky, this facility is the ideal place to make both happen—especially if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience during the holidays.

Couples can plan a week or a weekend of fun by joining cooking classes in the new Kitchen in the Grove, or taking yoga classes together, and even enjoying a massage and a sauna. Enjoy the peace and quiet that the Hill Country life brings while reconnecting with your beloved and exploring the Texas Hill Country’s luxurious side. Corporations and nonprofits can also enjoy the benefits of Juniper Hills Farm through various corporate-geared activities, such as the Corporate ReTreats™ program. A cooking class and a team-building exercise all rolled into one, the Corporate ReTreats™ program is a great tool for motivating corporate groups into understanding and practicing the concepts of communication, teamwork, innovation, and problem solving. Best of all, it’s the most fun time you’ll have at a work function!

Another Hill Country Gem Located near the Ranches of Brushy Top

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