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Have you ever considered buying an acre or more of land? There is a lot of land acreage for sale in Texas these days, and depending on your plans, owning land could be greatly beneficial to you and your family.  Whether or not you can afford to buy, own or care for the land depends on several factors. In the end, what’s important is how much you and your family benefit from your acreage purchase.

Things to Consider Before Buying LandAcreage for Sale

  1. How much land do you want? Costs of acreage for sale in Texas as well as maintenance and upkeep will be significantly different if you want one acre or 20.
  2. What are your plans for it? Although doable, you probably could not effectively sustain a farm with cattle and other animals on a single acre. Ten or 15 acres, however, can give you a farm, or a plant nursery. You can even grow crops, if that is your desire.
  3. What will be your additional costs? Land will accrue costs if you want to clear it for home building, farm raising, etc., but it also requires mowing, caring for the land and preparing it for whatever purposes you’d like to use it. That’s of course in addition to any property taxes you may owe.
  4. If building a home, is there a water source close by as well as easy access to roadways? This is particularly vital if you plan to live on the land.

Before you purchase land, it’s always important to know what you are allowed to grow or raise. Some properties will not let the owner raise cattle or run a full ranch, no matter how much acreage you have purchased. Make sure you check with the county, home owners association or original land owner before you buy.  

Acreage for Sale in Texas: What Could You Do With…

  • One acre. One acre is the ideal amount to build a home and have plenty of room on your property for various types of flower, fruit and vegetable gardens, as well as trees and additional structures if needed. Many people decide to create their own green, sustainable space, with solar panels, energy-efficient water systems and other green initiatives.
  • Five acres. A lot more can be done with five acres, although keeping any sort of cattle or horse farm is still rather challenging due to size and maintenance of pasture, especially if part of the land is being occupied by living space. One great idea is to build greenhouses where you can grow and house various plants. You could keep various small animals and even create a pond for fishing.
  • Ten acres or more. If you were to buy acreage for sale in Texas, ten acres or more would be quite beneficial for someone looking to keep cattle and other animals. If you have unspoiled land on your property, conservation and preservation—depending on the kind of wildlife that lives in that environment—is also possible. Remember, ask your home owners association or check with the county before purchasing the land to make sure keeping cattle or other animals isn’t prohibited.

If you are you searching for acreage for sale in Texas, the Ranches of Brushy Top may be the place for you. With its breathtaking landscape, amazing variety of wildlife and incomparable natural beauty, it is definitely the place for adventurous, nature-loving families to live. Learn more by visiting the Ranches of Brushy Top website or join us online on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

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